Junior HR Associate

Junior HR Associate Certification Course
After completion of training the trainees will be able to develop a job description for recruitment by analyzing the job requirement of given establishment and design a Training programmed for the new recruited by identifying the training need for human resource development.
Eligibility Criteria For Junior HR Associate
Eligibility For Junior HR Associate Course :
  • Any Graduate / Any Post Graduate Students
  • Human Resource Professionals, Recruiters, Enterpreneurs, Affiliate HR
Theory Syllabus
Human Resource Planning in the background of Economic Environment
  • Understand the meaning of Human Resource Planning, various components involved in job evaluation and job analysis.
  • Analyze how to relate job evaluation to HR Planning, Developing HR at the national level and how to use various models for effective Human resource Planning.
  • Differentiating labour markets from other markets, and What are the different processes involved in Human Resource Planning
Recruitment Process
  • Understanding the importance of individual and group behavior in an organization.
  • Method of recruitment.
Training and Development
  • Categorize business goals and match training objectives successfully with Business goals through competency mapping.
  • Recognize the processes and steps to develop a workplacetraining program
  • Elucidate how individual characteristics and the environment influence learning and skill development.
  • Monitor the transfer of learning on the job.
  • Comprehend and intervention for teams and groups – their uses with a practical examples.
Performance and potential appraisal techniques
  • Methods of Appraisal
  • Competence mapping
Basic features of Labour Laws & regulations
  • contract Labour (regulation & abolition) Act & rules
  • E.S.I. acts & rules
  • P.F acts & rules
  • Payment of wages act & rules
  • Minimum wages act & rules
  • Workmen compensation act & Rules
  • Bonus act & rules
  • Industrial dispute act & rules
Soft Skills
  • Effective communication
  • Decoding body language
  • Power Dressing
  • General Business Etiquette
  • Self Motivation
Practical Syllabus
  • Make a plan for hiring manpower.
  • Identify the needs and dynamics of a team.
  • Develop relevant training programmed for organization.
  • Designing & analysis of performance appraisal formats
  • Business ethics
  • Demonstrate learning of different types of body languages.
  • Dress Properly.
  • Demonstrate understanding of business etiquettes.