Junior Marketing Associate Certification Course
After completion of training the trainee will be able to work as a Junior Marketing Associate where he will assist the marketing Associates in finding, growing and developing current & new customers. He will also be able to assist the marketing associates in conducting marketing research.
Eligibility Criteria For Junior Marketing Associate
Eligibility For Junior Marketing Associate Course :
  • Any Graduate / Any Post Graduate Students
  • Sales & Marketing Professional, Advertisers, Enterpreneurs, Digital Marketers, IT Professionals, Affiliate Marketers
Theory Syllabus
Consumer Behaviors
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Understand the Diversity in Market Place, the consumer behavior in line with his stage in the life cycle and its impact on Consumer Behavior.
  • Discover Personalities & its impaction consumer behavior, Perception and its impact on consumer behavior & therefore managerial decision-making.
Service Marketing
  • Analyze current scenario, and the type & nature of competition and approaches of competitor analysis.
  • Comprehend Strategy formulation, Strategic choice. Product decisions, Pricing policies &. Strategies. Understanding of which strategy is the best.
Branding and Retailing in changing: economic environment
  • Study post purchase behavior in the form of managing the service and quality
  • Learn merchandise planning.
  • Comprehend Location I mix planning
  • Introduction to the synergistic approach to retail in it and international environmental scanning.
Basic Marketing Research
  • Basic Knowledge of Statistical tools
  • Types of data sampling techniques, and sources of data collection.
  • Devise a questionnaire.
  • Learn forecasting techniques.
  • Analyze and evaluate the focus group model and assess the total market through primary and secondary data.
Soft Skills/ Selling Skills
  • Decoding body language Power Dressing.
  • Power Dressing
  • General Business Etiquette
  • Self Motivation.
Practical Syllabus
  • Understanding of customers thinking and align products and services to meet the customer need.
  • Demonstrate techniques on how to sell services in the new economy.
  • Show understanding of the basic concept of merchandising and retailing for Business.
  • Do a simple project work, by designing a research questionnaire for an FMCG product. Forecast future sales by using forecasting techniques.
  • Demonstrate learning of different types of body languages
  • Communication skills and techniques
  • Dress Properly
  • Demonstrate understanding of business etiquettes