PHP with Web Development Certification Course
PHP commonly known as Server Side Scripting Language is used to enhance the web pages created using HTML. PHP is used to create dynamic web pages , generated from the information accessed using MySQL database. Since PHP's syntax is similar to that of C and Perl, it is easy to grasp it with basic programming skill.PHP offers its connectivity with most of the common databases. PHP can be easily integrated with various external libraries, allowing the developers to do multiple task like generating PDF documents to parsing XML. Web technology consists of mechanisms that make it possible for different computers to communicate and share resources. Web Server's technologies facilitate request handling on a network where different users have to share the same resources and communicate with one another. The concept behind Web Technology is to reach many people all over the world on multiple platforms and operating systems and to make the Internet more powerful and easier to use.
Course Duration For PHP with Web-Development

Course Duration For PHP with Web-Development Course :

  • 12 Weeks ( Regular Batch )
  • 15 Weekends ( Weekend Batch Only )
Eligibility Criteria For PHP with Web-Development

Eligibility For PHP with Web-Development Course :

  • BCA | BCS | BSc | BE | BTech | MCA | MCS | MCM | MSc | ME | MTech etc
PHP with Web-Development Syllabus
Introduction To PHP
  • History of PHP
  • Versions and Differences between them
  • Practicality
  • Power
  • Phases & deliverables
  • Installation and configuring Apache and PHP
PHP Basics
  • Default Syntax
  • Styles of PHP Tags
  • Comments in PHP
  • Output functions in PHP
  • Datatypes in PHP
  • Configuration Settings
  • Error Types
Variables In PHP
  • Variable Declarations
  • Variable Scope
  • PHP’s Superglobal Variables
  • Variable Variables
Constants In PHP
  • Magic Constants
  • Standard Pre-defined Constants
  • Core Pre-difined Languages
  • User defined Constants
Control Structures
  • Execution Control Statements
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping Statements whith Realtime Examples
  • Creating Functions
  • Passing Arguments by Value
  • Passing Arguments by Reference
  • Recursive Functions
  • What is an Array?
  • How to create an Array
  • Traversing Arrays
  • Array Functions
Include Functions
  • Include, Include_once
  • Require, Require_once
Regular Expressions
  • Validating textboxes,emails,phone number,etc
  • Creating custom regular expressions
Object Oriented Programming in PHP
  • Classes, Objects, Fields, Properties, _set(), Constants, Methods
  • Encaptulation
  • Inheritance and types
  • Polymorphism
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Static Class Members, Instance of Keyword, Helper Functions
  • Object Cloning and Copy
  • Reflections
Strings and Regular Expressions
  • Declarations styles of String Variables
  • Heredoc style
  • String Functions
  • Regular Expression Stntax(POSIX)
  • PHP’s Regular Expression Functions(POSIX Extended)
Working with the Files and Operating System
  • File Functions
  • Open, Create and Delete files
  • Create Directories and Manipulate them
  • Information about Hard Disk
  • Directory Functions
  • Calculating File, Directory and Disk Sizes
Error and Exception Handling
  • Error Logging
  • Configuration Directives
  • PHP’s Exception Class
  • Throw New Exception
  • Custom Exceptions
  • HTTP Authentication
  • PHP Authentication
  • Authentication Methodologies
  • Why Cookies
  • Types of Cookies
  • How to Create and Access Cookies
  • Session Variables
  • Creating and Destroying a Session
  • Retriving and Setting the Session ID
  • Encoding and Decoding Session Data
  • Auto-Login
  • Recently Viewed Document Index
Web Services
  • Why Web Services
  • RSS Syntax
  • SOAP
  • How to Access Web Services
XML Integration
  • What is XML
  • Create a XML file from PHP with Database recrds
  • Reading Information from XML File
Special Delivery
  • Protocols
  • HTTP Headers and types
  • Sending Mails using PHP
  • Email with Attachment
  • File Uploading and Downloading using Headers
  • Implementing Chating Applications using PHP and AJAX
  • SMS Gateways and sending SMS to Mobiles
  • Payments gateways and How to Integrate them
Introduction of Advance Topics
  • MVC Architecture
  • Word Press
  • OpenCart (E commerce Platfrom)
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • JQUERY (Introduction and few plugins only)

Students will be developing a project using PHP and its different components. Developing this project will give the students a clear understanding about how to integrate the various PHP features into one project which would use the functionality of these features to their maximum. This project will be done under the careful guidance of an experienced faculty.

Extra Curicular
  • Aptitude Preparation
  • Group Discussion & Personal Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interview
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