Retail Sales Associates Certification Course
After completion of training the trainee will be able to work as a sales person and handle customers in large/small sales outlets
Eligibility Criteria For Retail Sales Associates
Eligibility For Retail Sales Associates:
  • 10th Standard and 14 Years of Age
Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)
Orientation to Retail Sales Associates
  • Familiarization with the day to day activity of the store associate in the store
  • Importance of Customer orientation while interacting with customer at the store
Orientation to Products
  • Familiarization with various Categories & Products available in a Retail Store
Safe Working Environment
  • Importance of store safety and security

    First Aid, Fire safety & Evacuation Procedures

    Ambulance, Fire, Local Police Station contact numbers

  • Familiarization of Scanning and other security systems and procedures used in the store
  • Introduction to the retail food safety practices

    Apply personal hygiene, sanitation & House keeping

    Identify food safety plan/program

    Handle product hygienically

    Clean work area and equipment

    Monitor food safety

    Contribute to continuous improvement

Speak Well
  • Importance of Personality Development in Career Growth
  • Introduction to Communication
  • English Speaking
  • Personality Development
  • Communicate with Customers
Customer Relations
  • Basics of Consumer Behaviour
  • The 5As* Concept
  • Profiling the Retail Market
  • Customer Relations
  • Dynamics of Customers
  • Build relationships with customers
Merchandising & Visual Merchandising
  • Introduction to Merchandising
  • Introduction to Visual Merchandising
  • Retail visual illustrations
  • Visual merchandising support structures
  • Props
  • Display
  • Merchandising and category presentation
Selling Skills
  • Basics of Selling
  • Qualities of a good sales person
  • Basics of Sales Inventory
  • Suggestive Selling

    Importance of Identifying customer needs

    Probing to identify customer needs

    Suggest product/service as per customer requirement

  • Selling high-end Products
  • Handling complex sale-situations
  • Dynamics of Sales and Service Delivery
Basics of Computer
  • Understanding the Hardware
  • Introduction to computer peripherals
  • Computer peripherals used in a Retail outlet
  • Introduction to Internet explorer
  • Apply key board skills
  • Operating data entry equipment
Retail Equipment
  • Basics of equipments used in store/department
  • Types (POS & Non-POS)

    Labelling, Bar-code reader, Computer, Printers & Currency Counter equipments

  • Point of Sale Handling Procedures
  • Non-POS Retail Equipment
  • POS Equipment
  • Stacking Norms
Retail Sales 'Key Performance Indicators
  • Retail Sales Key Performance Indicators
  • Retail Sales Financial Responsibilities
  • Elements of marketing concepts, marketing mix and strategies.
Practical Competencies
  • Identifying Categories & Products available in a Retail Store in a simulated environment
  • Identify Security Equipments.
  • Practice on giving first aid.
  • Visit to nearby retail outlets/showrooms/malls
  • Demonstrate food safety practice in a simulated environment
  • Cleaning work area in a simulated work environment
  • Demonstrate Customer Interaction in a simulated environment
  • Individual practice on public speaking.
  • Demonstrate Smile, Wish, Greeting & Appreciating customers in a simulated environment
  • Role play on types of customers
  • Role play on good customer relationship.
  • Identifying different types of Visual Merchandising (VM)
  • Demonstrate VM in a simulated environment
  • Produce retail visual illustrations
  • Manufacture visual merchandising support structures
  • Design, construct and maintain props
  • Create a display
  • Demonstrate merchandising and category presentation skills
  • Visit to nearby retail outlets/showrooms/malls to observe VM
  • Demonstrate selling skills in a simulated environment
  • Role play on qualifier of a good sales person.
  • Demonstrate High-end product selling skills in a simulated environment
  • Demonstrate skills in handling complex sale situations in a simulated environment
  • Identifying Computer hardware and peripherals used in a Retail outlet
  • Use of internet, e-mail, telephone, fax and photocopier.
  • Demonstrate keyboard skills in a simulated environment
  • Identifying the equipments
  • Identifying POS & Non-POS equipments
  • Visit to nearby retail outlets/showrooms/malls to observe retail equipment
  • Demonstrate Point of Sale Handling Procedures in a simulated environment
  • Operate Non-POS Retail Equipment
  • Operate POS Equipment